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Managed IT Services

Sometimes you need a new technical solution, but don’t have the latest expertise, or the manpower to get it right. Our Managed IT services will help you succeed.

When to move to Managed-IT

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT is technology (either on your premises, or out there somewhere (“hosted” or “Cloud”). The difference is that we look after it for you. Some people call this Virtual IT Management, or even outsourcing. Managed IT is different from consultancy or support – it focuses on managing the technical solutions you have, rather than designing or problem-solving. You take advantage of our technical experience to save on hardware/software and staffing costs. You enjoy our expertise, and economies of scale plus you can move some capital expenditure to ongoing operational costs.

Even though the focus is on the technology the first step is still understanding your business objectives. Next we’ll use our experience, our technical expertise, and our close relationships with the leading manufacturers and developers to ensure that your needs are met.

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Our Managed IT Services

Managed Networks

We’ll keep your network and server problems to a minimum with our Managed Network Services preventing any downtime and disruption to your business.Our Managed Network services are available to all sizes and types of organisation

Benefits of Managed networks

  • Fewer problems or disruption.
  • No disruption during setup.
  • Scalable pricing and value for money.
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Better security.
  • Anti-virus, threat management, and software patching updates.

Managed Workstations

Managing your computer performance is necessary for your continued business success. Our Managed Workstation services will ensure that your PCs and laptops are continuously monitored and in optimum health.

What we cover

  • Keeping an audit of your computers and their specifications.
  • Reporting on any incidents or problems that occur.
  • Remote event management.
  • Updating any software: the latest patches and hotfixes applied painlessly and comprehensively
  • Ensuring that computer performance remains optimal.
  • Day-to-day IT support for your staff while using computers and laptops.

Managed Backup

Data backup is something that no business can afford to neglect. Our Managed Backup service will safeguard your critical business data and minimise the possibility of data loss.

Benefits of Managed Backup

  • Peace of mind through minimum risks.
  • Reliable and secure
  • IT support and advice included.
  • Minimum footprint in your business – remote management and monitoring
  • Comprehensive cover – servers and workstations.
  • Adjustable balance between performance and costs.
  • Contributes to wider Business Continuity planning.

Managed Security

Our Managed Security service will help to protect your ICT systems, minimise data theft and safeguard your critical business data from internal and external threats.

What we cover

  • An audit and advice on your best options.
  • User management and policy implementation.
  • Administration and configuration of file system security and permissions to ensure confidentiality.
  • Taking steps to prevent infiltration from malware
  • Keeping risk and threat to a minimum with managed updates to anti-virus and other protection software.
  • Monitoring security on systems with early warning of potential threats.